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On the Poynton Web, there’s an extract from Bagshaw's Directory 1850 that tells us Poynton’s population in 1731 was 747.  In 1801 it was 432 and in 1841, consisted of 854 inhabitants living in 152 houses.  Now, the population is around 16,000.  We are classified as a town and no longer a village.  How things can change!


Change is one of the most threatening things many of us face in life, and yet we encounter it every day.   We live our lives out in the midst of world change, economic change, political change, normal seasonal change, abnormal climate change and social change.  Families and relationships change through birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and death.  Our bodies are continually changing.  Let’s face it - that reflection in the mirror is changing!  Change seems to be everywhere.


Recently, whilst awaiting my turn at the hairdressers, I picked up a book called “Once Upon a Time in Poynton, 1900 - 2008”.  It was fascinating!  I’ve lived here since 1990 but even in that shortish time, the number of changes to the shops and businesses in Poynton is amazing.  I felt positively nostalgic looking at the pictures of how things were when we first moved here.  Things have certainly changed!


As I write, an announcement has come from BAE Systems about the closure of the Woodford site and the loss of 1100 jobs.  That will affect our community.  Things are changing.


Cheshire East Council is asking local businesses and residents to have their say on the plans for the centre of Poynton at public meetings later this month.  Things will change, causing reactions and concerns.


You’d think we’d be accustomed to change by now, but instead we fear it and resist it.  Why is that?  A bit like an old pair of shoes, we would rather keep things the way they always were and be comfortable.  But shoes wear out and need to be replaced, as does almost everything else in life.  We struggle to adjust to change.   We prefer to be masters of our own destiny and so any change that comes from outside our own choice, or which is imposed upon us, can be unsettling and unnerving, but nonetheless, change is inevitable.  Maybe that’s why nostalgia is so addictive because, let’s face it, ‘fings aint what they used to be” ; not like in the ‘good old days!


It’s no surprise that many seriously wonder if there’s anything we can hold on to in a world where everything is so temporary, transitory and tenuous.  Can anything solid, stable, and unchanging be found?  Yes - GOD!  In scripture God says of Himself “I, the Lord do not change” (Malachi 3:6).  Certainly He can’t get any better because He is perfect!  He can’t get any worse because He is perfect!  Of Jesus, the Son of God, the Bible says: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).


God is not surprised or phased by any situation or circumstance.  We need not fear the change going on around us when we have a God who stays the same and, very importantly, whose opinion of us doesn’t change with every season.  You might be having a good day or a bad day, a day of peace or a day of trial, but if you turn to seek Him, you will find a God who is always there, who is steady as a Rock, more faithful than you could have ever dreamed, unswerving and unfailing.  Unchanging!


If you don’t know the unchanging God, why not ask someone to introduce you?