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Good morning all


As many people in this room will be aware, I have been a Christian for some years now.  Initially when my now-wife, Leoni, began coming to PCF, I was completely against the idea.   I would tell her that it was a cult, and basically a huge marketing drive to gain your cash!!    Leoni would constantly ask me to attend, but my natural reaction when pushed into anything is to say so no.  Everything had to be on my terms.  Eventually she stopped asking.  We were rowing constantly and things were not good.


I attended Gemma and Sparky's wedding around 6 years ago, and was truly touched by God.  I felt His presence during the worship, and the speaker Andy Hawthorn really got to me.  I knew then that I had been putting this off for too long.  I went out with Andrew for an evening a few weeks later, and then gave my life to Jesus.


However, my road has been a long one.  I became a seasonal Christian.  The winter could be God’s, but the summer belonged to cricket.  I still had not made a full commitment, and to be honest did not have a close relationship with God.  You see, change scares me.  


I liked my life.  I had excuses for all my faults, and my wrong actions could be explained away, or blamed on someone else.  So church and a full commitment to God was not for me.  I was happy plodding along living a double life, and using my busy life as an excuse.


The person I had become was accentuated around 15 months ago.  I have done some stupid things in my life.  I really have pretty much seen and done it all. I can't mention many of these things, as my kids are here.  But from that time, the grace of God has shone through in the form of my wife and others close to me.  I have now decided to not fight this anymore.  I have become so close to God now that I feel alive.  I have a conscience.  I am more loving, a better friend, father and husband.  This person is no longer a part-time Christian.


That's why I am getting baptised.  I don't want a double life.  My commitment is to Jesus, and all other things now come second.  The last 15 months have been the best of my life!!

With my Saviour guiding me, I have no fears.  I am truly found. To finish, I would like to say that I am getting baptised because I want to forget the past.  The lord has forgiven me and so have others, but this moment is for me!  It’s a statement of my intention to move forwards.  I want to surface from the water, re-born, without the strangleholds that my head has been carrying for a long time.  Also Jesus got baptised so if He did it, that’s good enough for me.