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Mon 15th Oct 2007

Opening of the Hockley Centre

In October 2007, after two years of preparation, refurbishment and tender loving care, the long awaited Hockley Centre opened its doors at 307 - 309 Park Lane Poynton. Funded by money donated by members of Poynton Christian Fellowship, The Hockley Centre is a wonderful facility for the Hockley community.
An extension of the buildings that have been used for years by Poynton Christian Fellowship on Sundays, 307-309 Park Lane now boasts new Lower and Upper Community Halls, a brand new kitchen, rooms suitable for conference syndicates and facilities for the disabled including a lift.
The outside of the building, which the people of Hockley have been walking past for many years, has no particularly striking features and remains virtually unchanged apart from new windows, a new hanging Hockley Centre sign and some attractive lights. Consequently, it’s easy to see why many people might not think that much lies behind the front wall. Once inside however, the whole impression changes. The facility is large and beautifully modernised with high quality materials and soft warm colours.
The opening of The Hockley Centre was spread over 3 weeks, starting with an Open Week when the residents of Poynton were invited to come and tour the premises and have a glass of wine and refreshments. Nearly 200 people took advantage of the invitation and the comments made included “excellent quality”, “fabulous”, “it’s like the Tardis!” Many people had received their elementary schooling in the old school rooms and they couldn’t believe the changes they saw.  
The formal launch of the premises on 7 October was a Civic Service attended by Sir Nicholas Winterton, local Borough and Parish Councillors, Head Teachers from Poynton’s schools, other dignitaries and members of the Poynton community. The event attracted a total 150 people. It was followed by a reception at which Sir Nicholas Winterton and Chris Beard, Chairman of Poynton Parish Council both gave a speech.
The celebrations continued the following weekend with special church services at Poynton Christian Fellowship for invited local Hockley area residents and members past and present. 
The visual impact of The Hockley Centre is both immediate and effective. A facility that is both attractive and right on the doorstep is a great addition to the Hockley community and can be hired for events both large and small. For information on hiring rooms at The Hockley Centre, please email hockley.centre@ ntlworld.com

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