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I said a prayer of commitment to Christ with my Mum when I was about 7.  So, when I was young, my parents brought me to church.  Although I came regularly, it was only when we went to Faith Camp in the summer that my faith came alive.  Then it seemed to die down again.


At some point I sensed a heaviness, and stopped coming.  I was big on heavy metal music


This year  I went to Faith Camp, and met up with a mate – Dan, who is on the team every year.   When I met him, I was wearing my  “Motorhead” shorts and “Megadeath” T- shirt.  He looked at me and said God was going to change me this week.


I also met Dave, a friend of my sister Lucy, and his mate Percy.   I chatted with Dave each night, and it turned out Percy and Dan  used to be into heavy metal as well. 


One night Dan said he wanted to see me in some other T-shirt.  He said the metal T-shirts were a sign of something dominating my life  and were stopping me reaching God.  He said he would swap me his for my favourite T-shirt and rip it up so we could burn it.


Then midweek, I came late to the “Extreme” meeting and stood at the back.  I just couldn’t get into it.  I was really down.  I looked up, and there on the PA desk was the manufacturers badge on a piece of kit. It said “BURN IT”!  This seemed like a sign to me, so I had to make a decision – would I dump heavy metal and all that goes with it?


So I chose!  I saw Dan and got rid of my T-shirt.  I committed to God.  I made the break, and felt a great release, like a weight was lifted from me.  There were tears, and the overwhelming presence of God there.


Now, a few months on, I know I have a better relationship with Jesus.  I am much more faithful , much more self-less, and I am connecting better  with God.  The heaviness has gone


Now I want to be baptised, because I have  a freedom and I want to make this a marker or milestone in my life.  It’s my time!