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I’m Danny.  I am here today because I’m getting baptised, and I want to give you a testimony of what God has done in my life.  Now the purpose of a testimony is to give glory to God, and to encourage and inspire you, so I hope that both of those things happen today.  What I’m going to do is give you a contrast of who I was before I knew God, and who I am now that I do know Him.


Before I was a Christian I was shy.  I was unhappy.  I had no friends, no purpose, no hope or prospects.  Through a chain of circumstance I ended up coming to PCF.  Now I expected it to be a really boring service where the pastor got up and read from the Bible for an hour in a really boring voice and then everyone went home.  What I certainly wasn’t expecting was everyone jumping around, and getting all passionate through worship.  And everyone was very welcoming – I was never the most popular person at school, but for some reason you guys all seemed to like me.  The bewildering thing is – you still do!


So I kept coming back – I had this hunger to come to PCF.  Eventually I came to understand why everyone was getting so passionate – it’s because they knew Jesus.  I went from the point of not knowing about God or what He had planned for me, to deciding to give my life to Him.  But that was only the beginning.  God has blessed me with so much in the last year, and just looking back at what He has done – and the short space of time in which He has done it, just blows me away! 


What I am like now?  Sociable, extremely happy, lots of amazing friends, a new purpose, a new life, a new chance in Jesus Christ.  No condemnation!  No matter how many times I screw it up, He’s always there to make good come of it.  In the last year I have been blessed beyond anything I could have imagined.  I find happiness and security in knowing the fact that I am now living my life for Jesus.


This all leads me to today – I’m just about to get baptised!  What God has done in the last year has completely blown apart any expectations that I had for my life.  I hope that what I’ve said has glorified God today, and I aim to keep living a life that puts Him first.