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Way of the Spirit Bible Reading Course

Many Christians struggle to understand the Bible. What is it all about? What holds it all together? What is the way of God's Spirit in it? Can I walk with God in the same way as the people in the Bible did? If so, how?

The Way of the Spirit aims to help answer these questions. It seeks to help you understand the Bible, the ways of God's Spirit in it, and how to enter into the richness of life that men of Bible times enjoyed. At its heart is a Bible Reading Course in four six-month parts, written and developed by Bible scholar John McKay as the Bible element of the curriculum at Kingdom Faith Revival College.

Shortly before he died in 1947, Smith Wigglesworth prophesied there would be two great streams of revelation culminating in revival. In the power of the Spirit he prophesied that there would be (1) a revival of emphasis on the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, and (2) a revival of emphasis on the living Word of God.

At PCF we run these courses regularly. For information on upcoming courses or recent news, please contact Richard Sykes on 01625 850612