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The Dream

Our dream is the sort of church Jesus intended. There is nothing like the church when it works right, but we know we don’t always function as Jesus planned.


We realise we are on a journey and we have some way to go, but we dream of a church that looks something like this. A church...


  1. where Jesus Christ really is worshipped in spirit and truth, and the Word of God is faithfully proclaimed
  2. where people grow, and are helped to mature as fully committed followers of the Lord Jesus
  3. where we can be fulfilled, through being encouraged, equipped and released to contribute in line with our gifts. where the lost are a real priority, people’s needs are met in God, hearts are mended and challenged and lives are changed for the better
  4. where we are equipped to live the Christian Life out in the "real world"
  5. where you can belong, where each person is loved, accepted & valued as "family"
  6. which is growing, making a difference and impacting our communities for Christ.
Dreamers for the Kingdom

As a congregation we want to dream big dreams for the Kingdom of God, which will motivate, inspire and guide us on our journey with Jesus.


We know we need to...


  • Catch the dream, as it’s caught more than taught
  • Dream the dream - by being intentional about our five purposes in God – worship, fellowship, discipleship, service, and mission
  • Live the dream - through God’s blueprint in Isaiah 61:
    1. v1a & v2 Spreading hope
    2. v1b Binding up broken hearts
    3. v1c Bringing freedom & release
    4. v2 Bringing comfort
    5. v3 Planting, sowing, growing
    6. v4a Restoring & rebuilding
    7. 4b Renewing - new for old
  • Putting all this together, we can sum it all up in our slogan Growing together in God. This serves as a useful reminder of our core values:

    God's love is foundational, in us and through us.
    Radical commitment is normal for believers. Outward looking, welcoming and accepting.
    Word based, the Bible as our plumb line.
    Inspiration of the Holy Spirit an essential element.
    No-one is worthless, Jesus died for us all.
    Growth is vital for individuals and the whole body.